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Private Concierge

Need to plan a vacation, book a private jet or hire extra security detail?
Let our trusted & highly qualified Affiliates handle it all for you.

This exclusive service is made available to ALL our clients at no extra charge.

Jourdan Khoo Group provides a highly discreet, custom-fit white glove service to help enrich all aspects of our client’s business needs. These services may include but are not limited to: private jet charters, private security detail, travel concierge services, development & construction management, construction materials supply, financial & investment services, residential and commercial lending, staging, cosmetic and medical procedures, car tours and more.

Buying Buying Buying Buying

Please note, Jourdan Khoo Group DOES NOT perform any of the services listed above. Instead we extend our exclusive network of Affiliates to provide these executive privileges to all our clients. So whether you’re looking to secure dinner reservations at a premier eatery in Los Angeles or San Diego OR need assistance with a yacht or private jet charter for the weekend OR need tickets to the best sporting or social events – let our Affiliate network get the job done for you!